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LEYHAUSEN provides you with the full range of IT and services for any kind of your research project. Our well-expirenced inhouse programmers and data managers will support you during the whole project.

Our IT-Portfolio

  • Programming of the questionaire
  • Data delivery in all major formats (SPSS, Excel, ASCII, etc.)
  • Tabulation
  • Coding (incl. codeplan development)
  • Integration of external programs
  • Data cleaning
  • Reporting
  • Sample and Quota Management
  • Technical support


We are using keyingress, one of the most innovative "All-in-one"-software for every kind of IT aided research on the market. Regardless which way you want to use to reach your customer, we just create only one programming for CATI, CAPI and online surveys.

Benefits of/for using keyingress

  • One platform for all survey modes
  • Centralized data collection
  • Server hosting in-house
  • No installation required
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Multilingual
  • Multi platform (Windows, Android)



IT level

  • Digital recording of interviews
  • Time efficient processes due to predictive dialing
  • Plausibility checks during the interview
  • Automatic Callback-Management
  • Online quota controlling
  • Documentation of "Interview History"

Project- / Data Management level

  • Pre-test
  • Compiling of written interview instructions
  • Regular data and quota checks
  • Status reports und strike rate updates

Field Management/ Customer level

  • Customer visits and input are always welcome
  • Re-briefing and quality assessments
  • Constant monitoring/ coaching
  • Daily strike rate control and interviewer reports
  • Interviewers paid on an hourly basis and bonus on quality rating
  • Computer assisted planning


  • Online and Offline
  • Modern hardware (for a professional apperance of our interviewers)
  • Stock of equipment in every location
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy)


  • Utilizing of several panel sources in order to reach challenging goals in terms of sample size
  • Searching for cost efficient sources
  • Intelligent screening for excluding low-quality suppliers.
  • Meticulous and very effective screenings of online panel suppliers
  • Eligible sources are pooled by means of re-directing and the application of our proprietary de-duplicating software
  • Sample quality, even for the smallest of targets, is constantly and strictly maintained
  • Selection of only those suppliers who can guarantee to fulfill our high quality standards